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College of Music and Drama

Historical Background: The Higher Institute of music And Theatre was Founded in March 1969 under the control of the Ministry of Information and Culture.. In October 1969 the Institute started to perfom its functions with the first intake of students selected from those Who had interst ,talent and previous knowlege about music or theatre . In march 1979, a presidential decree Wasissned affiliating the Institute to the Ministry of education .. Eight Months Later the Institute was officially considered as one of the higher learning institutes that were governed py the national Council For Higher Education. following academic and administrative procedures, the Institute was changed, the objectives were idenitfied and curricula were designed so as to enable it to fulfill the requirements of the higher education laws. May 1990, the Institute was affiliated to the Sudan university of science and technology . objectives : the college aims to : Enhance the creative skills and potentialities of individuals in music and theater, Develop and enrich the sudanese hertage in music , theatre and folklore , Prepare and train qualified cadres specialized in music , theatre and folklore . work towords improvement of the Sudanese music and theater activities and to keep abreat with recent development in these fields .