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The Launch of Theatre Scientific Forum in Sudan
During the period from 1-3 April 2014, the College of Music & Drama and the Deanship of Scientific Research, with the collaboration of the Arab Theatre Institute and the participation of a number of experts and individuals interested in Sudan theatre, has initiated the beginning of the activities of the Theatre Scientific Forum in Sudan at Martyr’s Hall in Sudan University of Science & Technology (SUST), under the title “Critical Review-Focal Point”. Various Information Media along with SUST’ staff and students were in attendance. HE Prof Dr. Hashim Ali Salem, the Vice-Chancellor of SUST, who has graced the gathering with his presence, said “Theatre has properly discharged its mission in leading the community, therefore, it is necessary for those engaged in theatre activities to give particular attention to call for inculcating patriotism among citizens for the flourishing of our beloved country, maintain its unity and integrity, and establish harmonious relations among multi-ethnic population, to strengthen inter-ethnic accord and unity,” adding, “Today we meet here to inaugurate the Scientific Forum of Sudan Theatre hosted by SUST which brings together groups of theater elites in Arab countries and where those interested in this subject matter will discuss many Sudanese theatre related issues, in the hope that it will come up with recommendations to enhance Sudan Theatre and promote its performance,” stressing the full readiness of SUST to provide strong support to all Theater related activities to reach a better level and fulfill the hopes and aspiration of the Nation in this area. On his part, Mr. ‘Ali Mahdi, the representative of the Secretary-General of the Arab Theatre Institute explained to attendees that the Institute is working assiduously to optimize theatre arts in the Arab world, affirming the keen interest of the Institution in taking care of all those engaged in theatre sector, indicating the same over-emphasis on promoting school theatrical performances. Dr. Muhammad Sayf ad-Din, Dean, College of Music & Drama in SUST said that this Forum is held in many Arab countries with the aim of reinforcing methodological and practical aspects to interact with Theatre in Sudan and Arab countries, and to form a new theatre reality that has the capacity to change the community and analyze the reality of theatre movement in Sudan through scientific papers specially prepared to address topics thereon. It should be recalled that a scientific paper has been presented during the forum, entitled “Theatres and Theatre Movement in Sudan-the Historical Perspective and the Present.”
Developmental Drama /Theater for Peace Culture Workshop
The college of Music and Drama in collaboration with The Sudan center for Theater Research SCTR will arrange collaboratively a creative workshop on Developmental Drama/Theater for Peace culture .Date 29-31Jan,2014.Venue College of Music and Drama Theater CMDT . Opening session at 9:00 am . The workshop came as a new exploration for community theater project also linked with the center for studies and culture of Peace.coordinator , Abuelgasim Gor,PhD , Associate Professor of Peace culture and Theater criticism
تدريب فنانين صوماليين
في اطار التعاون بين دولة السودان والصومال سوف تقام دورة تدربية في مقبل الأيام لتدريب الفنانين الصوماليين بكلية الموسيقى والدراما - جامعة السودان للعلوم والتكنولوجيا . وذلك لذيادة دور الكلية في اتجاه المجتمع وتقوية العلاقات بين البلدين .
دورة تدريبية لحاملي رخصة ممارسة المهنة الموسيقية
نظمت كلية الموسيقى والدراما واتحاد المهن الموسيقية دورة تدريبية لحاملي رخصة ممارسة المهن الموسيقية وقد حضر الأفتتاح : - د. احمد كرمنو / وزير الدولة بوزارة الثقافة - بروف عواطف العجيمي / وكيل وزارة الثقافة - د . عبدالقادر سالم / الأمين العام للمهن الموسيقية والمسرحية - د . محمد سيف الدين / عميد كلية الموسيقى والدراما - رئيس اتحاد المهن الموسيقية - رئيس لجنة ترقية المهن الموسيقية . - د. ناجي زمراوي / ممثل جامعة السودان للعلوم والتكنولجيا . - أ . على مهدي / رئيس مجلس المهن الدرامية . وقد بدأت الدورة التدريبية من يوم 7/9/2013م وسوف تستمر لمدة شهر بتحاد المهن الموسيقية .
نفرة السيول والأمطار
نظمت كلية الموسيقى والدراما بالتعاون مع اتحاد المهن الموسيقية والأتحادات الفنية الأخرى واتحاد الشعراء والكتاب ومنظمة إغاثة ، فعاليات جمع التبرعات العينية والملابس والأغذية لمتضرري السيول والأمطار وكان ذلك بمباني اتحاد المهن الموسيقية . وقد اختممت النفرة يوم الجمعة الموافق 6/9/2013م.